Old buildings, signs, and graffiti. I have a passion for urban photography and am fortunate to live in a place with a few old buildings left. I like the history of old buildings and how long they’ve stood there. I also think the angles of the buildings can make very interesting pictures.

"Graffiti is a kind of art."

I find the graffiti interesting because it’s different from other forms of art and, in a way, it is similar to the worn off signs of the old businesses.

"I enjoy hiking"

and being able to show others the amazing things that I see. Waterfalls, trees, and lakes are my favorite nature things to shoot. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we have some of the most beautiful landscape within a day’s drive.

I don’t have much experience with portrait photography. When I do take pictures of people, it’s usually because I like incorporating nature with people. My favorite portrait is of my mom. We were hiking and I was taking pictures of a little stream. I pulled the camera up and took a picture of my mom standing there, waiting for me.

"Incorporating nature with people"


Wolfe is a 12 year old living in sunny Portland, Oregon. He’s been a photographer for 6 years. His favorite things to do are read comic books, build Legos, and take pictures.

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